Journey To Find a Black Hole

Morning astronaut, headed off my front steps
And I know I must make it to space, after putting on my suit
Retrogrades sliding through
As I again lose control, this solar system
Vaporous entities, shining stew
Living and losing, but not being loose
Floating in circles, a bit of new gravity needed
Throw me off alignment, let me be misused
Stuck in the loop
Thoughts in hypnagogic hours before I’m,
Degenerating as the sun becomes abused

Weird mirror morning kisses
Speckled freckled stars peeling
Misled faces I’m seeing calling back
Falling to pieces, routine of picking them up
But this time just for me to let them go
I know it’s not the face I know
I’d rather not make it forever
Rather stare at the milky way,
Dark blank brick walls
In the unknown depths,
Finding something new
Maybe it’s nothing
I wouldn’t mind if
It’s just nothing

This time I’m taking a journey
Escape pod flying past metallic globe
The one you know, with holes to climb through
High above the mulch
I’m aimed towards the slide, bout to go down
Hurting, back and forth, hitting the sides
I don’t fit anymore and the structural integrities failing
I promise I won’t hate it anymore
But through this system one more time,
Just let me through

What a woozy world
Life as big as the sun, obstructing things
Providing direction eternally yet
I feel lame for always being
In this loop, spinning so fast
Feels like I’m revolving around things
I just can’t see, at least correctly
I always got a telescope, looking at beings
So much more clearly, that are so far away
Pitch black blackness

I brought a book with me
Reading A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Under thermal blankets with my futuristic flashlight
At night when I switch to auto pilot
Controls locked until morning
Hopefully, in here I’ll find a way
Out of this wrong town
With such a pretty view, milky moon and jumbo Jupiter
Just not quite the town in this spaceship I thought,
I’d bump into

I just read a part where
It talks about a black hole
What’s a black hole?
Just blackness from here
But maybe a stairway to
Some place unused
Everything slow
I hope I’m bright enough to know
To find out
I just might
Thinking as I turn out the lights
Rolling over, head on my pillow
Nothingness being heard outside the hull
I just may
In the morning
Hypnagogic hours
Some day



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